“The guys need support,”: the revelation of the host of the show “the Bachelor”

«Парни нуждаются в поддержке»: откровения ведущего шоу «Холостяк» Before the final of the most romantic of the project on television, Peter Fadeev, shared details that remain behind the scenes. For four seasons he helps other contestants to keep calm during the shooting, and also helps out in emergency situations.
«Парни нуждаются в поддержке»: откровения ведущего шоу «Холостяк»

On the eve of the finale of the fifth season of “the Bachelor” passion on the court strained to the limit. Viewers are speculating about who will win and become the wife of Elijah Glinnikov. “StarHit” found out some secrets from the host of the show Peter Fadeyev, who from the first season watching how pairs are created and love is born on a film set. Previously worked on radio stations “Europe Plus” and “lighthouse” a journalist told me that he was interested in taking part in this project. The producers and creators of the show felt that the model family man Fadeev will be able to help each hero to choose the very girl he will marry.

“The bachelor” Ilya Glinnikov preparing for the wedding

“I agreed because this is a gorgeous, romantic story. I would compare it to a glass of champagne. Sometimes you can drink champagne. It is uplifting, not make you worse. Many years ago we had a project “12 little Indians” with Dmitry Kharatyan, it was a kind of reality show, so the experience was there,” said Peter.
«Парни нуждаются в поддержке»: откровения ведущего шоу «Холостяк»

Exactly Fadeev, one of the first to see contestants who will fight for the heart of the bachelor. As recognized by the moderator, the guys have very difficult.

“Awfully difficult when there are 25 beautiful girls. Kidding! No, of course. My role as a ritual. This bachelor is much harder to remember them all,” explained Peter, in an interview with “StarHit”.

Once the project “the Bachelor” was launched on Russian television, many viewers wondered whether Fadeev to influence the choice of bachelor. Some have argued that behind the scenes the man meets with participants of the show, helping to collect his thoughts at crucial moments, in particular, before the ceremonies of the roses. Fadeev said “StarHit” how things really are. According to the man, often he had to run for the extra colors, because the main character changed his point of view at the last moment.

“Counsel is not consulted, but some of their decisions probed. Sometimes voiced in casual conversation with me. They needed support. They needed some kind of approval. However, the final decision they took themselves. We talked before the rose ceremony. But there is no psychology, relationships, older with the younger. It’s just human support,” – said Fadeev.

Many fans of the TV project just wondered why all the girls became the winners, were never able to create a happy family with one of the five bachelors. Some viewers accused the creators of the show that any of these feelings may be out of the question, and all they see on the screen, only competent work of Directors. Peter denies that the tears, the emotions and quarrels, followed by watching the audience of channel TNT – an artificial experience.

“The spark was present between all project participants, so we cannot say that everything that happens on the Playground, favorite. In a couple’s life is also falling apart. It’s not a program called “Marriage” – explained Fadeev “StarHit”.