Daria Pynzar condemned the poverty of parents

Дарья Пынзарь осудила бедность родителей The star of “House-2” believes that all children should be ensured. Daria Pynzar believes that moms and dads have to care about the welfare of daughters and sons and to be able to give them a decent education.
Дарья Пынзарь осудила бедность родителей

Stars “House-2” Daria Pynzar Sergey and still are an example for all young men and women who go to the draft to meet his love. Former members of telestroke fell in love with each other, got married and now have two sons – Artem and David. Many fans of the reality show listen to the advice of couples and expect that, perhaps in their family to be born another child. But Daria believes it is too early to think about replenishment. In her opinion, parents who do not have enough money, it is not necessary to give birth, because in this case they will not be able to provide heirs.

“The third child should be in a family when the family is ready financially. Boring as it may sound, unfortunately we live in a material world. And parents must be able to provide for their children,” says Pynzar.
Дарья Пынзарь осудила бедность родителей

Now Daria and Sergey are trying to do everything to earn as much money as possible. The former participant “Houses-2” is taken for a variety of business projects. Last year she opened a nail salon. However, it’s not paid off and not brought Pynzar a lot of income. Moreover, she couldn’t come to an agreement with a business partner, and therefore left the case.

Now the couple decided to plunge into real estate. Moreover, they prefer to develop business abroad. They liked the Turkey. More recently, they live in Alanya, but to move did not intend. However, the eldest son already goes to kindergarten where talking to him in English and Turkish language. Parents are satisfied with the prices of preschool and happy method of educating children. Daria Pynzar opens a real estate Agency in Turkey

Дарья Пынзарь осудила бедность родителей

Spouses try to do everything the boys don’t have temper tantrums and behave decently in public places. Daria said in an interview with “Leider” that applies their methods to appease the kids.

“If my child starts rolling around on the floor of the shopping center and in hysterics to demand it, I’ll stand and wait until he calms down. I’m not going to calm him down, not willing to pull. First, I will just watch and then try to negotiate. But buying a toy certainly will not. We bring up boys so that they no hysterics at the Mall. And there never was!” – admitted Pynzar.