The wife of an oligarch robbed at 47 million

Жену олигарха обворовали на 47 миллионов Liza Adamenko lost an expensive ring. Chic jewelry was removed from her finger at the time when she fell asleep near his apartment. Also a girl lost her handbag and cash.
Жену олигарха обворовали на 47 миллионов

Model Liza Adamenko is married to a top Manager of “LUKOIL” Valentina Ivanova in 2016. The bride at that time was 18 years old, groom – 55. However, after some time there is information about their parting – she said that her husband raises her hand. She even contacted the police and took a beating. However, until now, the couple is not divorced.

A young model after a whirlwind vacation in the company of friends returned home to the apartment on Rochdelskaya street. However, in a freak accident she did not have keys to their own home. The girl was forced to sleep on the steps at the doors. When Adamenko woke up, I realized that she was robbed – she lost her purse that cost eight thousand dollars and a purse with ten thousand rubles. But the biggest loss was a diamond ring is six carats, bought for 47 million.

Жену олигарха обворовали на 47 миллионов

Valentin Ivanov often in Singapore for work. Despite a loud quarrel with accusations of beating, netizens speculated that the couple again reconciled. Lisa herself strongly implied it. For example, she dug at the foot of the same tattoo as her husband. Many were happy that the lovers are reunited, although Lisa wanted banning to Valentine to approach it closer than a few hundred meters.

However, such vehemence girls spread and followers on Instagram which suggested that Adamenko married not for love, but only because of the desire to secure life. Then she even intended to apply to the law. The young wife of an oligarch brought the haters

Жену олигарха обворовали на 47 миллионов“All this dirt has already crossed the border, we are tired of this crap and seriously decided to approach this group, the miserable, the poor beasts without their lives and self-esteem – now you will have to engage law enforcement in a criminal case for libel,” wrote Adamenko in social networks.

Now Lisa tries to return the stolen things. Despite the fact that she lives in the center of Moscow, the police were unable in hot pursuit, and the records of video cameras to find criminals. According to Life, the guards came to Lisa when she was drunk.