Дарья Мороз радикально сменила имидж The actress dyed it ash blonde and I cut my hair “like a boy”. Fans are amazed by the courage of the actress. They also believe that it is very new, stylish and audacious way. Later it turned out that to make such an unexpected move Daria forced husband.

      Дарья Мороз радикально сменила имидж

      More recently, Daria Moroz can be seen with shoulder length hair, however, recently the actress decided on a radical change in its image. Fans of the stars, accustomed to the fact that she is always very feminine and reserved, was impressed. Now Daria is the owner of a short and sassy haircuts “under the boy”. But this change in the appearance of a celebrity is not over — hair of the actress not only cut, but also colored in a shade of ash blond.

      As it turned out, the actress had to take such drastic steps for the sake of a new role. “I love my job,” wrote Daria in his Instagram.

      Дарья Мороз радикально сменила имидж

      A little later, frost published a photo in which he told details about what caused such an unexpected to many of her fans act. “And here is the “culprit” of the celebration or someone who is responsible for my image!”, — so the actress signed a photo of her husband, the Director Konstantin Bogomolov. To its publication the star also added the hashtags “when my husband directed”, “as long as we work, who rest” and “view from the barbershop”. In the picture you can see how the husband of the actress raises his glass in her honor, apparently, congratulating Daria with a new haircut.

      Fans of frost was surprised by her way, but agreed that it really suits the actress and uncovers her from an unexpected quarter. “Super”, “Dasha, it’s just you,” “Just one of the sides of your beauty and personality!”, “Beautiful head shape for the perfect”, “Pretty”, “How great is the love”, “you only have to fill tattoo (or draw), and asks for the image”, “Great”, “Suddenly, classy and sassy”, “I think it’s your right” — they admired the courage of the actress in comments to her picture.

      Recall that in early July it became known that the theater Director Konstantin Bogomolov is going to make a screen adaptation of the story “Anastasia” by Vladimir Sorokin. He said this on his page in Facebook. According to Bogomolov, he was going to do it, but there were difficulties with financing, and recently thanks to one man, the project will be implemented. Details about the film, he promised to reveal later.

      Then Bogomolov also said that he was going to turn into a film a performance of the theater of Oleg Tabakov “the Year I was born.” At the moment Konstantin is actively working on it. Judging by appearing in online text from the picture, it will play Darya Moroz, Anna chipovskaya, Oleg and Pavel Tabakov, Vyacheslav Chepurchenko. “I’m not leaving the theatre, I go to the movies,” commenting on his new projects mantid.

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