Danila Kozlovsky and Elizabeth Boyarskaya were involved in the scandal

Данила Козловский и Лиза Боярская оказались замешаны в громком скандале
The FSB has detained individuals suspected of assignment of budgetary funds intended for modernization of the Maly theater.

Elizabeth boyar and Danila Kozlovsky

The FSB detained the persons suspected of assignment of budgetary funds,
intended for the modernization of the theater. According to the FSB, “a group of persons
was kidnapped and has not less than 45 million rubles allocated from the Federal
budget on performance of works on designing of the new stage of Academic Maly
drama theatre — theatre of Europe,” writes starhit.ru.

Citing sources who wished to remain
anonymous, the publication reports that the money was spent on the stage
design. According to insiders, in suspected theft of company
“Stroysoyuz SV” and “M-Project”, representatives of which, presumably, could
to spend the money for the purchase of luxury items and real estate. Vladimir
Medina told reporters that it also became known that the investigation had been
initiated by the Ministry of culture, after two years of fighting with contractors.

At the Maly drama theatre, where the play of Daniel
Kozlovsky and Liza Boyarskaya, do not know the situation of theft of budget funds in
especially large size. Of theft here have learned from the media.