Дэниел Рэдклифф снова выйдет на сцену голым
The actor explained why he wants to watch a play about Harry Potter.

Дэниел Рэдклифф снова выйдет на сцену голым

Daniel Radcliffe

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Daniel Radcliffe in the play “Equus”

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Millions of moviegoers know Daniel
Of Radcliffe as the main star of the franchise about Harry Potter. But theatergoers remember the actor after his
appearance in the play “Equus,” which created a sensation, because Daniel is in one of the scenes appeared absolutely
naked! And now Radcliffe “matured” to the repetition of the experiment.

At this time, the actor landed a role in a new experimental play “Privacy”
the scene of one of the Broadway theatres. It will focus on how the main character
leads a ghostly existence “online” then
is on the Internet. The peculiarity of the play, as told by Daniel, is that
the plot is about to be changed every night — in accordance with
wishes of the audience. And since the audiences were delighted with the view
a naked Daniel, this experience is going to repeat.

Radcliffe admitted that unlike the hero of the play, he is not a fan of “hang” in
The Internet. And especially, he
it is not like spending time on social networks. First, Daniel
prefers to talk about his private life. And secondly,
he believes this occupation is a waste of time.

It is curious that, although Harry is an inveterate theatre-goer, he has not yet visited
performance perhaps the most modern play “Harry Potter and the
the cursed child” — the staging of the play, Rowling. As told to Daniel, he’s not completely torn
to see this show: it seems odd to watch from the audience as, in his words, “someone is playing it
the on stage.” Although, as recognized by Rackliff, he knows
what the executor of a role Harry Potter on the stage
Jamie Parker is a fine actor. So Daniel does not
doubt that his successor did a great job with the role.

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