Лянка Грыу впервые рассказала о проблемах с маленьким сыном
The actress decided to do this only when the child went to the amendment.

Lyanka Grau with his son max

Photo: from personal archive of Lance Grau

“We have rented out our Moscow apartment, two cars sold, collected four suitcases of things and flew away… never took a babysitter or my mom, no one went only three — me, husband and son. Mike assembled a “pregnancy Test” in America, sitting at the computer, and in Moscow sent the finished series. If you don’t count his work remotely, we broke almost all ties with the past. Now, when two years have passed, I realize that it was crazy. But on the other hand, it was surprisingly the right move, because in the end we got it all,” recalls Lyanka Grau about the difficult period in his life.

About this time the actress decided to talk for the first time. Then her family was on the verge of collapse. Over a six-month separation (the husband worked in St. Petersburg, and Lenka almost round the clock was engaged on the project “Ice age” in Moscow) relationship went wrong, to this was added the problem with young son Maxim.

“My son was already
two years and ten months, and he didn’t talk, even the words “mom” and
“dad” is not pronounced, not to mention some “give”, — says the actress. — I, of course,
knew it and was worried, but not particularly strong. Because I was comforted by that
boys start talking later. But month after month, just waiting to become
harder. I watched the children of their friends who at this age already
gave complicated phrases, speak in sentences, and my excitement grew. And here we are
Misha sat down and seriously talked about it, decided to look for doctors… Very soon
the neurologist has given him a diagnosis of “delayed speech development”. And discharged
pills, very strong stimulating the cerebral cortex — in order
rather formed new neural connections. Taking this drug, children
become hyperactive. As the doctor said: “You will be his from the chandelier to remove,
but don’t worry, as it should be.” And in order to counteract this effect,
our son has a sedative prescribed. I remember reading all the annotations, I
said to her husband: “Misha, this is wrong. I don’t want this all
give me the hand does not rise. Let’s some other way to solve the problem.

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