Звезда сериала «Воронины» снова стала мамой
Ekaterina Volkova became a godmother for the second time.

Ekaterina Volkova

Photo: @volkovihome(Instagram Ekaterina Volkova)

Ekaterina Volkova was christened daughter of his brother. About this event the actress said after receiving the sacrament, posting a photo
with the baby. “In my life was one very important event — I was
godmother for the second time! — says Ekaterina. — The light appeared my goddaughter Valeria, daughter, brother. It’s crazy
touching and responsibly, I can’t even Express in words! Now, besides my
the first godmother of Nastasi, I will be responsible for another little miracle.
I’m sure that soon she will appreciate my care. I promise to be the most
the best godmother!”

My daughter Lisa, as well as my krestic, Catherine very good. For example, the birth of a daughter Ekaterina Volkova with
husband Andrey Karpov organized a big feast in honor of the birthday of his
daughter Gusani, affectionately call her parents.

Children’s holiday has become
the epitome of one of my favorite fairy tales birthday girl “the Cold heart” and not left
indifferent neither adults nor children. The heroine of the occasion chose
two images: first she was dressed as the protagonist of the film — Anna, and at the end
holiday dressed in her sister Elsa.

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