Daniel Radcliffe will play his drug mule.

Дэниэл Рэдклифф сыграет перевозчика наркотиков

The executor of a role Harry Potter’s Daniel Radcliffe will help to realize his directorial ambitions Swede Jesper is Ganslandt. Filmmaker decided to make his debut English-language film, in which the main role went to Radcliffe. It is known that Daniel will be reincarnated as a pilot of a smuggler. During the day he has to carry the members of the office for drug control, members of a drug cartel and many others.

The film received the name “Pack horse.”

The script was written by Adam Schultz. The production will take Paul Schiff (“Smile Mona Lisa”) and Jeff Elliott (“Absolute power”).

Date of the premiere of “packhorse” is not reported. The shooting is expected to begin in late November of this year.