Dmitry Shepelev showed new pictures of his son

Дмитрий Шепелев показал новое фото сына

Yesterday we told you that TV presenter and showman Dmitry Shepelev fled Russia. This conclusion was prompted by the publication, which the man did in his Instagram. On the photograph, was Dimitri standing on stones on background of the sea, or ocean.

Of course, could not Shepelev to go on vacation, leaving a part of himself – the son of Plato.

Today Dmitry has published a new photo, which shows a grown up little boy.

In the photo we see Shepeleva, which Plato photographs, standing on a large stone.

“Family album”, signed Shepelev this frame. Looking at this picture, I have this idea about how fast other people’s children grow.

By the way, subscribers, Dmitry noted that talking about real beauty, and Shepelev good in the sense that it is engaged in the development of the child and shows him the world: “and”Copy moms”, “What a handsome talking about. The boy is very good and catching up fast. There’s someone”, “All the fathers engaged in the upbringing of their children. Dmitry is doing everything to ensure that the child saw the world. Jeanne also loved to travel”.