Дана Борисова сыграет в Голливуде глупенькую студентку

The presenter is sent to conquer America, she got a role in a Hollywood movie.

Fans of Dana Borisova was seriously worried about her: first, leading divorced, then completely disappeared from the social networks for a whole month!

But don’t worry This didn’t happen. On the contrary, rested mom in the Crimea, Borisov returned to Moscow with the good news. She had the groom, and Dana went to Hollywood!

Good news, the star shared herself. First wrote about that in her life there is loved one, and then stunned fans with the news that in September, flies to USA for shooting of a film directed by Ryan Shiraki, who has worked on such series as “Clumsy” and “Jonas Brothers”.

“When I was 17, I participated in a commercial shoot with actor Alexander Nevsky. Since we are friends, and it’s through his patronage I am now caught in a Hollywood movie. Last summer on shooting, where I was invited Sasha, met with Director Ryan Shiraki. Apparently, my type he liked, he remembered me and through representatives of Sasha contacted. Three weeks ago came to the casting. Especially not dressed up, laying did not, not particularly beautiful, you know that glamour in the sample are not welcome. Said a few remarks to the camera in English, and that the contract is signed.

Pay in Hollywood is good, not greedy. I even have your trailer will be, in Russia are only known movie stars provide. And I’m not an actress and becomes her not going. The film, which are shot, the Comedy, the name has been kept secret. I will play Slavic student, with some stupid blonde who came to study in the United States,” – said the leader in an interview to Woman’s Day.

To conquer the “dream factory” Borisov will go alone, without her beloved husband and daughter.

“Arrive in California on September 18 and will carry on the set for two weeks. The mix at this time will leave with his grandmother. The groom with me will not fly, he is now studying in Bremen until April and goes to Moscow once a week”, – shared his plans for Dana.

Subscribers of star news reacted violently, excitedly wanted new roles and substantial fees, and some have suggested that this is only the beginning of a long journey.

“Good Luck, Dana! It all starts with episodes and small roles, you see, and then the bond girl will play,” suggested fan.

Well, watch out, Hollywood, the Russians are coming!

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