Юлия Снигирь привела фанатов в шок располневшей фигурой в бикини
The actress was “fat”.

Yuliya Snigir

Photo: @jsnigir Instagram Yulia Snigir

The stars are not to be envied, because their figures are all year round under the watchful sight of the paparazzi and fans. Because of this, many of them have repeatedly been seen in the use of photoshop, thanks to which they “hid” the extra pounds. But Yuliya Snigir refers to her figure with humor. Thus, recently, she published the picture, which showed a plump figure in a bikini.

“A couple of cookies.” — signed your “beach” picture Singer. Part fans left in shock from what he saw, however most of them are, of course, was to not spend so easily. They immediately noticed that the picture shows the body was not Julia. Just her head was pointed at the image with curvaceous.

By the way, the figure of the actress is in order. Not so long ago it became known that after the birth of her first son, Theodore from Yevgeny Tsyganov, Snigir in record time came to their ideal norm. Since birth she lost more than 10 pounds overweight. About your secret weapon in the fight for weight loss Julia does not apply. But female stratagems used in body care Snigir still told its subscribers. So it turned out that one of the favorite actress of cosmetic products is coconut oil.

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