Дана Борисова заговорила об алкоголизме Star’s going through a breakup with spouse Andrey Troshchenko. Many journalists claim to have seen Dana’s drinking at social events too much alcohol, so it was easier for her. TV presenter outraged by this information, so I decided to explain on his page in the social network.

      Дана Борисова заговорила об алкоголизме

      About a month ago it became known that Russian TV presenter Dana Borisova divorce through court from her husband Andrey Troshchenko. According to her, he’s a fine man, but their life together did not work.

      For a long time, the presenter did not comment on the gap with the chosen one. However, three weeks after filing for divorce Borisov admitted how difficult it is for her. “Try to keep a stiff upper lip, not to cry and to smile. But in the depths of the soul of a cat scratching. At night I was crying into the pillow… then Andrew said I wasn’t coming. I do not impose on him their fellowship. Well, something is probably wrong in me,” – does not hide his state of Borisov.

      Journalists who saw Dana at social events, noted that she began to drink a lot of cocktails. According to several publications, TV star is suffering from alcoholism. Leading is tired of such rumors and wrote in his microblog how things really are. It brought a story that was shown on television a few days ago.

      “Why so much hatred and lies? Mojito was really soft, I was behind the wheel, and to drown their problems not try. God you, my colleagues, the judge, and a smaller lie!” – has explained Borisov.

      Fans supported the girl and encouraged her not to ignore such programs. “Danochka, so don’t worry! You are very cool and beautiful girl”, “You’re the best and amazing, Yes, they are all attacking! No, would support a woman, and they – if only to water the dirt and was glad to have spoiled!”, such comments have left fans and friends star to her angry post in the microblog.

      By the way, in difficult moments, the girl is on whom to rely. “There is a man who cares for me. I’m friends with him and communicate. He supports me,” – said Borisov about his secret admirer. With it she plans soon to go to rest. Lou Ferrigno found solace in the arms of a new man

      After parting with Andrey Troshchenko at the presenter, according to her, it became more male attention, so the fans are not doubt that soon it will have a new choice.

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