Юлия Савичева сообщила, когда станет мамой The singer is planning a sequel of sorts. A year and a half ago Julia Savicheva married Alexander Arshinova. The family took the chosen one star, but the youth does not hurry with the offspring.

      Юлия Савичева сообщила, когда станет мамой

      His 29 years Julia Savicheva has achieved fame, has married her beloved man, decided the housing problem and seemingly got everything I dreamed of. However, in the house until it sounds cheerful laughter of children, although beloved are married already a year and a half. Family Savicheva know better than to rush things and insist on a speedy emergence of the offspring, because the singer has a forceful personality, and she doesn’t like when her thoughts imposed from outside.

      Interestingly, for Julia it was important to hear the opinion of Granny Luda about his chosen. The singer brought Alexander to the mound, where her numerous relatives, and where he was greeted with bread and salt. Oddly enough, the pair didn’t ask questions about future children, delicately skirting the subject side.

      “It is believed that grandmothers dream about the grandchildren as soon as possible and ask them to start. Normal – probably. But my – she a creative person and understand that life is difficult. All will, but not immediately,” admits the star.

      It is worth noting that marriage has changed the star. Julia became more of home girl. She toured less, but more time devoted to the family. So, in the Christmas holidays Savicheva is not lost, unlike most of his colleagues at corporate parties, and was introduced to the culinary arts. Star gave a close ginger biscuits, which she made with her own hands. The artist with pleasure develops qualities of this lady.

      A quarrel between Savicheva and Arshinova also occur, as with any other pair. However, from the height of his years, Julia try to experience them safely.

      Julia Savicheva told about the quarrels with her fiance

      “Growing up, I realized that everyone chooses their own degree of pettiness. To avoid conflicts, long after the marriage, the impossible. And if you don’t like something, it is better to talk, to scream, but not accumulating grievances. People, you know, come up to wind more, and then go and silently go mad. I for dialogues! My grandmother told me “the Main thing is to forgive” – and remembered my mother, who taught her young: if you chose a man and love him till the end, after marriage, not persecuted! I think it was a very proper setting for a family,” says Julia in an interview to “Caravan of stories”.

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