Dana Borisova refuses to communicate with the sister

Дана Борисова отказывается общаться с родной сестрой TV presenter decided on a candid conversation with Leroy Kudryavtseva. Tomorrow, 16 September, viewers will learn what secrets are hiding Dana Borisova. A celebrity will talk about how she started taking drugs and also will tell about relations with relatives.
Дана Борисова отказывается общаться с родной сестрой

The heroine of the new issue of the program of NTV “the Secret to a million” became a TV presenter Dana Borisova, which continues to be treated for drug addiction. For several months she spent in a rehabilitation centre in Thailand. This Saturday at 17 o’clock a celebrity will talk about his struggle with addiction and the beginning of a new life and also about the relationship with the father of the daughter of Pauline and other relatives.

In one of the announcements of the transfer stating that The Borisova problems in the family. “Is she ready to reconcile with sisters? Forgive father?” – asks the speaker behind the scenes. In a live TV show star admitted that he deleted from some people’s lives.

“I’m with my sister many years have not seen,” shared Dana.
Дана Борисова отказывается общаться с родной сестрой

Apparently, we are talking about Xenia, which is under leading of three years. According to information from open sources, the woman was a flight attendant and happily married. In one interview, which was released in 2005, Dana said he’s worried about his sister and doesn’t approve of her activity. According to Borisova, her cousin knows foreign languages, so could do something else.

During the meeting with correspondents Dana added that he had repeatedly tried to influence the Xenia and begged her to stop flying. However, she chose not to follow the advice of the sisters and refused to change jobs.

As for the father of TV presenter Alexander Borisov, something about him we know that he served in the militia. “He divorced mom and left her for another wife,” said Dana with Leroy Kudryavtseva. Wife men are grieved at parting with a loved one. According to some, Ekaterina Borisova even tried to commit suicide.

The mother of This also appeared in the program “the Secret to a million.” She found the strength to come to support the daughter. Catherine Ivanovna first raised the alarm when he suspected the heiress in the use of banned substances and called the program “Let them talk”.

Apparently, now the problem is Dana Borisova with drugs in the past. Star says that the beginning of a new life.

“For five months of my rehabilitation I changed and became very strong. I can say that I will pass it to be an example for the huge number of people,” wrote the star in Instagram.