Stashu Malikov, was convicted of the love of luxury

Стешу Маликову осудили за любовь к роскоши The daughter of a popular singer posted the photo, which depicted in the clothing brand. Fans did not appreciate the style of girls came to the conclusion that it boasts a wealth. Itself the successor of the stellar names the situation did not comment.
Стешу Маликову осудили за любовь к роскоши

Stesha Malikova actively “Instagram” and regularly shares with fans the creative plans, new achievements. However, she recently suffered from an unexpected criticism from subscribers. The successor of the popular singer posted a photo of in the clothing brand previously signed, things what brands she prefers to buy. Pullover, bag and trousers, which were used by the girl to create an image, are fabulous money

Post Malikova sparked a fierce debate among her fans. Many of them came to the conclusion that the girl has excellent taste and skilfully combines different fashion styles. However, there were those who accused Stashu to brag. In their opinion, the young star hasn’t earned the right to wear such expensive things, because she earned them.

“The real victim of brands, by parents wearing expensive clothes, and shows off”, “Very stylish look, but people will not respect you as long as you do not earn these things,” – expressed his opinion the fans are girls.

Stefania is not the first time criticism from fans. So, in the middle of summer, a girl ridiculed for the fact that it boasted excellent grades in the exam. Fans came to the conclusion that pass the basic exam on may five almost every.

Questioned subscribers Malikova and that she independently came to the University. The criticism angered the girl and she hurried to answer the accusations.

“What right do you have to say, if you don’t know anything about the situation. I marvel at such people,” wrote the star heiress.

Now Stesha is not responsible for charges relating to her love of luxury. The girl has repeatedly stressed that he tries to earn money independently. She takes part in fashion shootings as model and also gets paid for advertising on Instagram.

Earlier Malikov was thinking to continue the family business and to engage in musical creativity. She recorded a few songs, which pleased her fans. Now the young star is devoting much time to study.