Дана Борисова непрозрачно намекнула на новую любовь The media personality has spent the birthday in the company of a dear to her. 13 Jun Dana Borisova was forty years old, but due to the prevailing superstitions around this date, the star has decided not to celebrate. However, alone she was sitting.

      Дана Борисова непрозрачно намекнула на новую любовь

      It’s hard to believe, but one of the most famous blondes of our country, the TV presenter Dana Borisova was forty years old. The star does not hide her age as the fact that the lady she tend to believe in various omens. Dana Borisova in the microblogging announced that to celebrate the holiday is not planning, but at the same time made it clear to his fans that in her personal life coming positive changes.

      “Today is my birthday. 40 years is not noted, so I will spend the day in the company of my dear man,” wrote Dana Borisova in the microblog, having completed post a picture of the heart.

      Fans of teledive were glad of this news. They believe that such a beautiful young woman, Dana worthy of personal happiness. “Still you will believe. Happy birthday, Danochka!”, “Danochka, happy birthday! Be happy, beloved!”, “Dear Dana, happy birthday! Happiness, mutual love! Let all your dreams come true!”, – warmly congratulate the beautiful blond subscribers will her microblog, knowing that she recently had to go through a divorce with her husband.

      We will remind, the first and only marriage Dana Borisova was terminated in early June, what she just said in the microblog.

      “All good ends sooner or later. Yesterday unilaterally by magistrate filed for divorce. Ex-husband with whom you do not communicate with March 9, were busy through the registry office to divorce do not want to. Congratulate me with the end of the first and only of my life of marriage,” – said a celebrity to your subscribers.

      Family life Dana Borisova and Andrey Troshchenko proved to be extremely short. The marriage lasted only six months. The couple were married in August, and in late winter, their Union cracked. The conflict went so far that to restore the relationship of Dana and Andrew. Dana Borisova and Andrey Troshchenko: why actually broke up the marriage

      Dana Borisova, a daughter Pauline, who was born from the civil husband of the star of Maxim Aksenov. Girl goes to prestigious school and various clubs, so it takes a lot of money on her Hobbies. However, Dana is trying to give the baby enough time to Polina felt the love and concern in the family. To provide his daughter with all the necessary, famous blonde works two jobs. At the moment Borisov is not only broadcasts but also working as the PR Director of a Metropolitan medical center.

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