Chris kelmi is divorcing his wife and divides the apartment

Крис Кельми разводится с супругой и делит квартиру The composer lives alone with seventeen cats. The musician finally realized that with his wife Lyudmila they are not compatible. Kelmi said that now they have to decide with ex-wife housing problem.

      Крис Кельми разводится с супругой и делит квартиру

      The marriage of the musician has cracked many years ago, but still the couple did not hurry to formalize the gap. According to 61-year-old Chris kelmi, the initiator of the divorce became Lyudmila. The woman also wished to exchange their spacious apartment in the center of Moscow.

      “We finally realized that are incompatible, – the artist admitted “StarHit”. Over the years there were many good and bad things to remember. But the last few years we have not lived as a complete family. Now divide property. Our apartment on Smolensky Boulevard one for Ludmila is too great, I don’t think she needs it. So it is important to solve the issue of the exchange, and it is not a quick process.”

      Did not work out for the musician and the relationship with his son. 27-year-old Christian is not willing to communicate with his father, despite attempts by the stars to reconcile with the heir. “Son, I provided. Bought a two-room apartment in the center, gave money for renovation, he now lives not far from mom, ” says Chris. – This is my mission in his life, it seems, is over.”

      The author of the hit “Closing the circle” before had problems with alcohol, but now he says he’s gone straight and started a new life.

      “After a five-month rehabilitation course after a few experienced strokes, thank God, restored to health. The bottle is not touched, says Mr. Kelme. – In the Park near the house opened a sports centre, go there 5 days a week – exercising in the gym, visit the sauna, play soccer and tennis.”

      In a country house artist equipped mini-Studio where composes new songs in hopes to be back in show business. Recorded a hymn to the Kremlin Cup and a song for the world Cup – sent a request to the speech response, says Chris. – Always my 17 cats, every morning they meet me on the veranda, so you could say I’m not alone.”

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