Мария Кириленко: «Сын ходит со мной на работу» The tennis player said “StarHit”, as she was able to quickly get back in shape after childbirth why her husband approves of hasty exit from the decree, and who from the star the heirs will teach brand impact.

    Мария Кириленко: «Сын ходит со мной на работу»

    In July of this year, the little Maria Kirilenko, Mike, will celebrate all year, but she on maternity leave decided not to stay. Maria realized dream – has opened a children’s tennis school the complex PRIDE Wellness Club in Zhukovka, 14 km from Moscow. Among the pupils Kirilenko were the children of celebrities: the son Evgeni Plushenko and Yana Rudkovskaya and Sasha is the son of football player Alexander Samedov Bogdan. On the eve of the opening of the school Kirilenko invited “StarHit” on the court.

    “My weight is less than before giving birth”

    Maria, the husband Alex was not against that you are so quickly went to work?
    Мария Кириленко: «Сын ходит со мной на работу»On the contrary, Alex supported me. He knows connected with tennis my whole life. And he is there, he takes a racket in hand, and are still flying as a spectator at Roland Garros. My career is temporarily suspended, but just note that any statements about retiring from the big sport I did. The school gives an opportunity not to part with love and to grow more in the coaching direction. Unfortunately it just so happens that in this complex I had myself trained. Well know control Xenia James. So no problems during the launch of a joint project we did not have any.—
    Who helps you with Misha?
    Мария Кириленко: «Сын ходит со мной на работу»We decided not to hire a nanny. We have a grandmother – and my mom. They are always waiting in the wings. I still feed him on her own, so he’s around all the time, and at work too. While I do training, some of the grandmothers sitting with Mike in the break room or walking with a stroller on the street.
    Kid calm?
    Мария Кириленко: «Сын ходит со мной на работу»Now Misha this period that he begins to stand, crawl, can’t sit still. It’s all very interesting. Of course, there are tears, but this is normal for a small child.—
    Maria, the young mom’s dream quickly come in shape after childbirth. Please, share your secret?
    Мария Кириленко: «Сын ходит со мной на работу»Honestly, it happened by itself. Sports hard, I was not engaged, but after about six months, the old form returned. Even was 2 kg lighter than before birth – now I weigh 60 kg. I Think that the hassle associated with motherhood, had a positive impact on the figure. I all the time are in motion, and now added a workout with the kids.

    “Samedov does not like football”

    Мария Кириленко: «Сын ходит со мной на работу»
    Know that you have been holding auditions. How many children in total took?
    Мария Кириленко: «Сын ходит со мной на работу»We formed three groups of 5-6 people and grouped them by age: 4-5, 6-9 and 9-12. First and foremost, pay attention to the complexion of children, how quickly they grasped the movements that I showed you. I have a set of exercises – they help to understand will have child or not. For example, asking to run a relay race, catch a ball or throw it with a racket. Classes are one-hour duration will be held three times a week. I do not create large groups, as do the accent of exclusivity. A monthly subscription, which includes 12 hour sessions, and costs from 40 to 52 thousand rubles depending on workout time.—
    Know that you will train and Sasha Plushenko. As he got to you?
    Мария Кириленко: «Сын ходит со мной на работу»We are friends with his parents. Yana always connected. So when she learned that I open the school, called and asked to see Sasha. Yana and Zhenya with his son came to the first casting, which took place on 3 March. Dwarf Gnomic three years old. It is still small, but I noticed a genuine interest. He likes everything to do with balls, I had to put him in the younger group.—
    Yana and Eugene was worried when there was a selection?
    Мария Кириленко: «Сын ходит со мной на работу»Of course. In the first place Jan. She looked at Sasha. And marrying at such major competitions the honor of the country defended, that is already emotionally impenetrable.
    Мария Кириленко: «Сын ходит со мной на работу»
    What other star kids did in school?
    Мария Кириленко: «Сын ходит со мной на работу»The son of football player Alexander Samedov Bohdan. We have long been familiar with Sasha and his wife Julia. She contacted me, said Bogdan unlike dad’s football does not love, but the racket does not leave. At the casting he did well in all the exercises. Once again proved that if at least one parent is a professional athlete, the child will be definitely passed something with the genes. My Bear, when he is a little older, my husband and I also plan to give different sports, and he then chooses what the soul lies.—
    How much you need to train hard to achieve this success, how are you?
    Мария Кириленко: «Сын ходит со мной на работу»I got into tennis at age seven and knew immediately that it was mine. I had no excuses like “I’m tired, don’t want to train”. After school enthusiastically ran onto the court. Happily engaged and on the weekend. Of course, the sport is the hard way. And no luck can not do.

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