У Даны Борисовой роман с приятелем  Марата Башарова

Dana Borisova again in love. Now time chosen one presenter was a friend of Marat Basharova – star captain of the hockey team “mosquito” Alexander Morozov.

Meeting blonde with new boyfriend happened at the ice arena one of the sports complexes, where Dana brought his 9-year-old daughter to the section of figure skating.

“After the Olympics in Sochi, many kids got sick in winter sports. Andrei Grigoriev-Apollo from “Simons”, for example, the sons went to a hockey game, — says “KP” Dana Borisova. — His daughter Pauline, of course, a stick in hand I would not give. We decided to take up ice dancing. As for my friend Sasha, he is just an amazing man. Strong and brave. I really literally fascinated. But how serious our relationship is, I can’t tell yet,” — said Borisov about the changes in his personal life.

We will remind, last year Borisova almost broke the record for the number of weddings/novels/relations.

Barely having time to recover from a painful divorce with businessman Andrey Troshchenko TV star with his head plunged into the affair with her boyfriend Alex, whom after only a few months had intended to marry. But the hype around relationships with Borisova the man seemed excessive and too pushy, so he decided to put an end to them.

Now This heart has captured Alexander.