Эми Шумер пообещала покинуть Америку, если Трамп станет президентом

The famous American stand-up comedian and actress Comedy Amy Schumer categorically spoke out against the candidate for the post of President of the United States Donald trump< /strong>. She stated that if the odious policies by some miracle win of Hillary Clinton in the election, she will go to live in another country.
She stated this to the British public during the recent tour of Velikobritanii.

“I teach Spanish because I will have to move to Spain, or somewhere else, if trump wins the election. It’s too much madness,” said Schumer, and added that Hillary Clinton, the representative of democratic forces, criticized unfairly, because it is the best choice at the upcoming presidential race.
Amy is also an ardent feminist and in the selection of the President-a woman sees another win for equality.
“People often ask me, not a feminist if I do. Of course, I’m a feminist. For me it means that women and men have equal social, political and economic rights. comedian and feminist – these two words accurately describe me,” said Schumer.