Zara and Irina Dubtsova in Sochi has contracted a dangerous virus

Зара и Ирина Дубцова в Сочи подхватили опасный вирус

Musical competition “New wave” in Sochi is now in full swing.

A Grand musical show gathered a lot of stars who not only enjoy this feast of music and share their talent with the audience.

In addition to the ordinary programme, to dilute the event with interesting presentations, the organizers arrange recitals of luminaries of show business.

For example, today will be a concert which will be sung by the talent of Viktor Drobysh.

Before the public appear many artists, including singer Zara.

Зара и Ирина Дубцова в Сочи подхватили опасный вирус

The girl will be quite difficult to come up on stage, because the other day she picked up a virus, which crippled her health and deprived of power.

“Is this some kind of viral infection, admitted to reporters Zara. – I felt bad as soon as I arrived in Sochi. Heavily treated that you can do.”

Note that in addition to Zara suffers from a disease Irina Dubtsova. On the main black sea resort singer also picked up a virus, which raised its temperature to 40 degrees.

In the environment of the actress say that she had even throat swelling.