Дана Борисова наняла психолога для дочери The presenter tries to maintain a trusting relationship with the child. After a conflict with Pauline Dana Borisova came to the conclusion that classes with a professional will help her to regain credibility in the eyes of the heiress. Telediva upset that after the holidays, the girl not listen to her.

      Famous TV presenter Dana Borisova is raising nine-year-old daughter Pauline. As a caring mother, a TV star wants to be her heiress grew self-sufficient and happy girl. For peace of mind and a harmonious life was Given Polina is ready to do almost everything. Due to the fact that the girl is growing and she has formed an opinion, she sometimes argues with my mom. In order to smooth the corners and not to lose the trust relationship, Borisova decided that Polina needs to work as a professional psychologist.

      “I was asked to leave. With Pauline yesterday was a hard conflict, and today since it deals with superprofessionalnyh child psychologist. I think that will have to deal with a few months. We will build our relationship in new ways,” – said on his decision to the presenter.

      Fans were concerned that was Given so I decided to solve problems in communication with his beloved daughter. They asked how serious was the conflict that needed professional help.

      “A bit, shall we say, spoiled for the summer, mom’s credibility plummeted. A Monday school, a General rise in 6.45”, – did not hide Borisov from caring fans.

      The subscribers of This began to discuss the decision of a celebrity. Some felt that Borisova is necessary to understand themselves, to build a relationship of trust with your own child. Others supported such a thing as a TV presenter and agreed that in such matters the assistance of a professional psychologist is absolutely necessary.

      “Dana, don’t you think the problem is you. Your mom and you, too not all was smooth”, “Very understand. After the summer, many kids behave. Many conflicts are inevitable. But better, of course, try to avoid them. Kids are very vulnerable. Especially when some are without mothers. You need to be very careful, because kids can hold a grudge for years, especially girls,” – shared his opinion of the fans Borisova, indifferent to her harmonious relations with her daughter.

      Just a couple of days ago, Pauline celebrated her birthday. Mom tried to arrange for his only daughter, and her friends luxurious celebration. The feast was in the style of a children’s tale “Alice in Wonderland”. According to the happy faces of the children, they were in awe of the occasion. Not marred Pauline and that in such an important day for her dad and grandparents was not able to come. Daughter Dana Borisova celebrated a birthday without a father