Элина Камирен отдала дочь в элитный детский сад Eks-the participant “Houses-2” attached heiress in the preschool institution. According to Elina Kamiren she still difficult to adapt, but eventually she will get used to the new environment. The reality star would like to see little Sasha willingly communicated with other children.

      The beginning of autumn was marked by the change for Sasha Zagainova – daughter of former participants of the TV project “Dom-2” Elina Kamiren and Alexander Zagainov. The baby, which is the 19th of December will be two years, mother decided to give to the kindergarten.

      “While we was in the band for only four hours,” says Elina. I waited for Sasha here in the garden – maybe she can zakapriznichal? But the daughter was in good spirits, had fun, was worn by torpedo, and played with the other kids. However, after two hours stay in the garden after charge and two breakfasts when it’s time to go for a walk, Sasha was getting tired and wanted to sleep. This is not surprising, because in our mode at 11 in the morning she eats a second time. And 12 is at rest. But nothing, I think, a few days later she retracted”.

      The psychologist, who was watching Alexandra on the first day of her stay in the garden, said that the girl is very quickly adapts to changes in life and stay in the garden in the future will cause her stress. The choice fell on Elina kindergarten Museon, located near her apartment.

      “The fun is not cheap,” admits the girl. One day in the garden is worth three thousand rubles. But I think the money is justified because of the baby immediately speak two languages – Russian and English. So it is easier and faster to master foreign, without which today, as without hands. With municipal kindergartens we have not developed: in the center, where we live, they are all filled, you need to get in line. And, of course, the priority in children with the residence, and this, alas, is not the case… besides, nurseries now have kindergartens there, kids are taken in groups starting from 2.5 years. Of course, Sasha has and the nurse, who is involved with it, until I solve the case, but I also want a daughter as much as possible communicate with other kids.”

      Despite the fact that Sasha was left in awe from kindergarten, Elina has not yet decided to drive her there every day. “I watched her and realized that her daughter is still so little – recognized Kamiren. – All the kids are older… I guess I’ll hold off on this issue, and give the daughter to the garden in three months, and while we visit the Museon twice a week and stay there the daughter will be half a day”.