Юлия Ефимова рассказала, как пережила жестокую травлю Honored master of sports and four-time world champion admitted to journalists that has gone through severe tests during the Olympic games in Rio. At some point Efimova lost so much that thought with her. But after some time, Julia received a very important phone call.

      24-year-old swimmer Yuliya Efimova, who brought Russian national team two silver medals at the games in Rio, recently arrived in Russia, to speak at the Moscow world Cup stage in short water. Recall that she lives and trains in the United States, and has also been implicated in doping scandal, for which he was subjected to harassment by their colleagues. In an interview with reporters, the athlete openly talked about how difficult it was in the capital of Brazil, and that a young woman plans to do next.

      Asked about whether the state provided her any support, the champion said that one day she received an important call.

      “There was a time when I’m a little lost. Thought – all left me, disowned me. Different conversations went. But then I got a very important call. And I immediately calmed down. Realized that for me is the whole country,” said Yulia Efimova.

      The journalist did not specify who contacted the swimmer, said that he understood where she was called.

      Efimova also told about the attitude towards foreign athletes. According to Julia, it changed after the Olympics in Rio. Now the swimmer is not subjected to harassment and no catches disapproving looks. The teams of other countries are willing to communicate with Efimova. The young woman also called the reason why this can happen.

      “The world Cup take place peacefully. Communicate even with girls who gave me a dirty look in Rio. Now, they are completely different! Smile, congratulations. Maybe nobody winds like at the Olympics,” said champion.

      Plans Yulia — make your own team and train with her. Efimova I would like to train together with colleagues, share experiences and also go on joint collecting. She plans to invite a foreign coach, as well as swim under the guidance of his father, the deserved trainer of Russia Andrey Efimov. At the moment Yulia is looking for a database where it would be possible to do. Champion does not exclude the possibility that it will be in Russia. At least in the summer. However, Efimova recognizes that, because of the presence in the home country may have problems with access to the Olympic games.

      Swimmer Yuliya Efimova was struck by the candid snapshots

      “Yes, now in Russia is dangerous. Then say that you don’t have enough samples deposited abroad. But how is that my problem? Now we still come foreign doping control. So drop in often! It’s not up to us”, — said Efimov in an interview with “Soviet sport”.