Dana Borisova asked the lawyer to pay off a multimillion debt

Дана Борисова обратилась к адвокату, чтобы погасить многомиллионный долг After returning from Thailand, the presenter is going to finally give the Bank a large sum of money. Also Dana Borisova plans to establish a relationship with his daughter Polina. It is known that before the New year the girl will live with her father.

For several months, Dana Borisova was treated for drug addiction in Koh Samui. Together with the famous TV presenter in a Thai rehabilitation centre were also her friends, musicians Evgeny Osin and Chris Kelme. The first ran before all, but the second the singer continues the course of recovery.

Inspired and strengthened Dana returned to Moscow to, first, establish a relationship with the daughter Polina, second, to repay a multimillion-dollar debt to the Bank. The presenter gave details about their plans to journalists.

“I want to chat with Pauline, to establish a relationship with her. Maxim is a good dad, loves her and cares. Today I was the first person who liked her photo. I would be grateful if you will go to my girl page and say that she has a good, kind and strong mother who loves her madly. In addition to the issue with my daughter, the lawyer will deal with the restructuring of my loan in the Bank, which I took for the purchase of a country house. I was told that the Bank forgives my debt. No, not forgive. Will the court. Most likely my credit will be sixty percent less,” said Dana.

According to the presenter, in the capital, she has many Affairs, painted every minute. Dana was scheduled to appear in several talk shows on Federal channels and even visit the fashion Week in Moscow.

“I’ll be beautiful, tanned and confident. Roughly in Moscow I will spend ten to twelve days. For a long time to return to Russia, I until she is ready,” explained Borisov.

Famous blonde until one builds a romantic relationship. “Just want to inform anyone who encroaches on my heart that I have other plans. Grooms please do not worry yet. Although, if anything, write a personal message – you never know. Anything can happen”, – said Borisov in an interview with “Interlocutor”.