Parents Zhanna Friske refused the new claim to the “Rusfond”

Родителям Жанны Фриске отказали в новом иске к «Русфонду» Close artist insisted on termination of the contract with the organization. Vladimir Ivanov and Olga argue that the signature of Joan on the document is not genuine. The parents of the singer was given a few weeks to appeal the decision of the court.
Родителям Жанны Фриске отказали в новом иске к «Русфонду»

Last week in the media appeared information that the parents of Jeanne Friske has filed a new suit to the “Rusfond”. Vladimir Ivanov and Olga had requested to terminate the contract with the charitable organization. According to relatives of the singer, on documents is not her signature.

Four days later, after the document was registered in the filing Cabinet, it became known the judge’s decision. The lawsuit refused to accept to the production, stating nepodvijnosti dispute arbitration courts.

“The subject of the contract is the provision of charity care in order to provide beneficiaries financial assistance and payment for high-technology treatment, medications, supplies necessary to provide the beneficiaries of quality health services, and other assistance. The court found that the economic nature of the dispute of this claim does not appear”, – stated in the message of a public authority.
Родителям Жанны Фриске отказали в новом иске к «Русфонду»

The parents of Jeanne Friske has a month to appeal the decision of the Arbitration court. Earlier, representatives of the “Rusfond” refused to comment on the new lawsuit relatives of the singer, citing the need to see him. In turn, representatives of the Vladimir Borisovich and Olga Vladimirovna confirmed “StarHit” information about the document and revealed its contents.

Earlier Vladimir Friske said that he has evidence of forgery of the signature daughter. According to the father of the artist, the experts found that Joan did not agree with the content of the papers.

“Representatives “Rusfond” claim that Jeanne signed a contract with them supposedly in October 2014, but even then, she didn’t see anything and I felt very bad. They gave the court a power of attorney signed by his daughter. We gave this document to the examination, during which it became clear that the signature is fake!” – says Vladimir Borisovich.

We will remind that dispute from-for impressive funds collected for treatment Janna Friske, continuing more than a year. According to the “Rusfond”, at the expense of the artist was transferred about of 25.01 million rubles, but reports listed only a portion of this amount. Relatives of the singer, including TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev, representing the interests of the son of Plato, denied the charges of embezzlement of money.

Parents of Jeanne Friske lost in the struggle with the “Rusfond”

At the end of October court enforcement officers of Moscow have started enforcement proceedings for the recovery of about 21 million, Vladimir and Olga Friske. According to representatives of the media, such a sheet to Dmitry Shepelev will show later.