Дана Борисова и Андрей Трощенко: почему на самом деле распался брак Last week, the TV star stated that he had filed for divorce from her husband. The relations of the spouses who signed last summer in one of registry offices of Moscow, did not happen. According to the leader, they parted as friends, and they did not have any disagreements about the division of property. “StarHit” recalls, as were the relations of the pair.

      Дана Борисова и Андрей Трощенко: почему на самом деле распался брак

      It would seem that only last summer Dana Borisova decided to get married for the first time. Her lover was a businessman Andrey Troshchenko, which for a spectacular presenter divorced his wife. And in April 2016, after eight months of marriage, Dan and Andrew were waiting for the divorce. “StarHit” decided to recall the whole relationship Borisova and Troshchenko, and why young people still have left.

      “Andrew, my housemate, we’ve known each other for three years. Once my car was being towed, and Andrew kindly agreed to drive me, so we first started talking,” – told the star about the familiarity with the chosen one.

      Some time they talked as friends, Dana knew that Andrew is married. However, after the question of why a businessman and his wife do not have children, for the presenter, the situation has acquired a completely different character.

      “From the moment we met, I was interested in one question: why he and his wife of eight years, and they still have no children? And I asked. Andrew answered honestly that they’re just not ready. I thought it seemed strange – both young, beautiful, assured, and do not want children. At that moment I realized that marriage is not going smoothly,” – said Borisov.

      Thanks to the charms of a striking blonde, in may 2015 Troshchenko filed the divorce papers. 23 Jun Dana Borisova became the wife of a businessman. They got married in Kutuzovsky registry office of Moscow. Information about the wedding date was kept secret, so as not to attract the attention of journalists to this event. On the wedding day Borisov showed in his microblog page of the passport with a stamp about registration of marriage.

      Дана Борисова и Андрей Трощенко: почему на самом деле распался брак

      The Banquet was rescheduled for August. The restaurant Letto in the presence of friends and relatives, the couple repeated their wedding vows and cut the cake. The event was designed in a rustic style. On Borisova was a dress, CSTEE in the Studio Sofi Strokatto. Outfit daughter Pauline was almost the same as her happy mom.

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      At the wedding were friends of the bride: Natalia gulkin and Cornelia Mango. Dana and Andrew, as befits a new husband, performed a dance, and those present were treated to cake, with the choice of which was helped by the daughter of TV stars.

      Pauline found a common language with the husband of the mother. According to Borisova, the girl even said to Andrew as he loves. Dana’s relationship with her husband began to deteriorate in late winter.

      “The past two months, Dana and Andrew constantly quarreled on various occasions. And three weeks ago, when Danecki wasn’t home, he gathered some of my stuff, sat in the “Mercedes” of his wife and left in an unknown direction. All this time she tried to contact him. Eventually wrote a statement to the police about the theft. Dana admitted to me that this is a “fat point” in her marriage. On the days she goes to apply for a divorce”, – said a friend of the star Oksana.

      Much the entourage star said that Andrei has a very questionable business. He began to live in Moscow eight years ago. After he has twirled the novel with Dana, he moved to live with her. The star herself explained that didn’t want her daughter had far to go to school.

      After the incident with the car theft a couple, it would seem, still made it up. However, Andrew continued to periodically disappear. Borisov was hoping that the relationship will work out, but then she could no longer tolerate the behavior of a spouse.

      “All good ends sooner or later. Yesterday unilaterally by magistrate filed for divorce. Ex-husband with whom you do not communicate with March 9, was a busy and ZAGS through a divorce is not wanted. Congratulate me with the end of the first and only of my life of marriage,” wrote Given in his microblog.

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      Subscribers cheered for the star and said she deserves more. And the TV presenter confessed that male attention after news of the divorce she was no problem.

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