Юлия Липницкая удивила фанатов снимком в купальнике Skater resting and sunbathing under the scorching sun. Where she is, Julia doesn’t specify, but regularly pleases fans with photos from vacation. On one of them the girl showed her figure in a bikini. Subscribers athletes in social networks noted that they are in great shape.

      Юлия Липницкая удивила фанатов снимком в купальнике

      17-year-old Olympic champion and the beauty Yulia Lipnitskaya, like many stars went in late may on a holiday. The athlete decided not to tell fans exactly where she went. “Yes, she is in Peter and Gelendzhik” — this hashtag has provided Julia with one of their “vacation” shots. It is possible to see the verandah cafe, white umbrellas and lots of greenery.

      Apparently, there where now there is Lipnitskaya, very warm. She also tans a lot and swims in the pool. Celebrity also supported a General trend on a photo shoot in a swimsuit by posting your picture in a trendy crop top and bikini bottom. The background around itself, Julia was blurred to aficionados was not distracted and was able to appreciate her figure.

      Fans of the figure skater came to the delight of its publication in the social networks and wrote her many compliments in the comments. Some of them were surprised by the photo Lipnitskaya. “You’re charming”, “Good figure,” “I have not prepared”, “Yul, help now jaw look who fell” — wrote Yulia subscribers.

      More recently, the young athlete visited Moscow and took a walk with her friends in the center of the capital — the red square and its surroundings. Lately Lipnitskaya is very rare in this city, as is forced to train a lot in Sochi. Mentor Julia stands honored master of sports Alexei Urmanov. Together with her coach, she has put two programs — short and long. It is known that they also helped the two-time Swiss world champion stéphane Lambiel.

      Love Yulia Lipnitskaya has escaped from the custody of mom

      Previously a teacher Lipnitskaya was the deserved trainer of Russia Eteri Tutberidze, who worked with Julia for several years — from March 2009. Under her leadership, Lipnitskaya became the Olympic champion, European champion and honored master of sports. The girl left the post in 2015. “Time doesn’t stand still, gotta move on”, — commented on the change of the head Lipnitskaya.

      By the way, recently the edition “Russian reporter” published the results of a survey of Russians on the topic “the Most beautiful women of the country.” Yulia Lipnitskaya took in this ranking 12th place, and on its first line you can find the public Prosecutor of the Crimea Natalia Polonskaya.

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