После разрыва с Кафельниковой Новиков меняет девушек как перчатки Secular gossips discuss numerous novels the son of an oligarch. Heir to the Empire of restaurateur Arkady Novikov Nikita, is rumored to be Dating a dancer. Prior to this he attributed an affair with the daughter of a billionaire.

      После разрыва с Кафельниковой Новиков меняет девушек как перчатки

      Bright romance her Kafelnikov and Nikita Novikov is still debated in secular circles, despite the fact that the pair long ago put an end to their relationship. 17-year-old daughter of the famous tennis head plunged into study and work for its success in modeling the entire world watches, and any appearance of a girl on the podium is admired. Courting admirers of Lesya accepts with a smile, but stressed that it was focused completely on other things. Unlike Nikita, which, after parting literally changes girls like gloves, and almost to spend all his evenings in night clubs. To follow love Hobbies 19-year-old boys do not have time even his friends.

      So, for example, recently it was rumored that the son of restaurateur Arkady Novikov had an affair with the daughter of billionaire Ziyad, Manasir Diana. Now is another girl hints that takes care of her windy Nikita. Dancer Darya Nelina has published on his page in Instagram selfie, where she is depicted with the son of the oligarch, who presented her with a beautiful bouquet. Later this photo was removed from the microblog of the girl, but the bouquet she had published, signing the very neutral: “Really good day”. In General, if young people and associate relations, then both it is carefully concealed.

      После разрыва с Кафельниковой Новиков меняет девушек как перчатки

      We will remind, before Nikita was seen in the company of Diana Manasir, which, however, was in no hurry to confirm the information on affair with a young lover. Meanwhile, one of the secular “gossips” convinced otherwise. According to those who have entree to the circle of the “Golden” youth, Novikov actively courted the daughter of a billionaire, and generously presenting her with flowers and gifts.

      Different is the life Alesya Kafelnikov that amorous Affairs to prefer it. She is now finishing the 11th grade and preparing to move to London to pursue a successful modeling career. Albion the daughter of tennis player Yevgeny Kafelnikov was chosen for a reason – that is where the Agency with whom she has long worked.

      Ales Kafelnikov proved to the experts that’s not sick

      Tired of the discussions surrounding the novel with Novikov, Kafelnikov revealed the truth about the reasons for parting with the son of the oligarch. “Around our break was a lot of gossip, including, and about infidelity, but actually, we simply grew cold to one another. He is studying in Boston we rarely saw each other, did not understand and did not feel each other. Therefore, the decision that I’m going to have a career, and he was studying, were taken together. Now we don’t communicate – it would be too hard. Say Hello when you meet in the company, but not more,” admitted Ales, hoping to close this subject once and for all.

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