Дану Борисову вынудили показать жениха
The presenter got into a nasty situation.

Dana Borisova with her fiance Alexander

Photo: @Instagram danaborisova_official Dana Borisova

The recent announcement by Dana Borisova on the upcoming
the wedding provoked a small scandal. And although TV presenter and promised this
times carefully guard his personal life and not to let strangers in it,
reality everything turned out quite differently. The fact that last week Borisov
told that will soon go down the aisle a second time, however,
the identity of the groom refused to disclose. So reporters began their
its own investigation and found out that This new man — an Armenian with a salary of 30 thousand rubles. In
a result, the news that her secret was revealed and came to the

The reaction of the presenter was more than harsh. As
turned out to be, future husband This messed up with her friends. In the end, to stop
quickly spreading wrong information, she was forced to show the
of the elect, and to tell you what he’s really doing.

“Although I promised to all subscribers not to comment on
this question, here is a photo of my real close friend. His name is Alexander, and
know all the top managers of automobile business. And the fact that we were two
the vapors at karaoke, probably provoked this error. All, say no more, leave
my personal life personal, at least for my daughter…I deny the presence in my life of an Armenian (I hope no one was hurt, it’s just not really my type)!” — wrote Borisov.

Meanwhile, not so long ago she showed
engagement ring, which the lovers have already purchased. About when
it will take place a celebration is not specified. But, judging by how rapidly evolving
event, wedding and This Alexander is not far off. Recall that only two months
ago Borisov received the divorce papers with her husband, Andrey Troshchenko.

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