Дэн Стивенс показал человеческое лицо в заключительном трейлере «Красавицы и Чудовища»

Premiere of the theatrical release of disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” will be out very soon. It seems that everything that could be shown in the trailer, while maintaining interest in the film, it has already been shown. But today the creators have introduced us to a new video, which explains how starred this wonderful tale.

In the promo we see the lead actors — excerpts from an interview with the lead actors Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Josh Gad, Ewan McGregor, now Ambati-Ro and Ian Machelen, as well as the Director of the film, through which all this became possible.

By the way, the creators of the film kept the suspense about how it will look a Monster in human form. At the end of the movie we still have the opportunity to consider the Beast turned into the handsome Prince Adam.

Earlier, Emma Watson talked about the fact that she hesitated to agree to be in this picture or not due to Stockholm syndrome, which is clearly there to be seen.

The world premiere of “beauty and the Beast” will be held on March 16. We are waiting with great impatience, and you?