Елена Беркова отвоевала сына у бывшего мужа

Famous Russian adult film star Elena Berkova deprived ex-husband Ivan Belkova of parental rights. The hearing was held in the Izmailovo Moscow court.

According to porn actress ex-stripper does not participate in the life and upbringing of his son, did not pay child support. Even the court of Ivan chose not to appear, although he was notified about it in advance. Apparently, the Pups does not want to have anything to do with his ex-wife, including a child.
“He doesn’t even know what his son looks like, and after the divorce process has never paid child support. I am happy that the court made a fair decision,” said 31-year-old Elena.
Recall that / announced the withdrawal of the former husband’s parental rights in 2014, with Belkov personally delayed the divorce process. Elena suggests that he just wanted to annoy her.
“My child is five years old, and over the years it was possible to find the time to at least call, to ask how the child lives. I think that if you bring your kid and show him that your daddy, baby it’s just traumatizing. He is an adult and understands everything. I don’t think he needs the appearance of the father in life” — said the actress.

The reason for instigated a judicial process was the paperwork. Due to the fact that the former husband did not go to the contact / could not even take the child on holiday abroad. Realizing that she needs his consent, the Pups began to blackmail the mother of his child, stating that he would give a voluntary waiver of the child only when a woman will pay him a tidy sum. Elena decided not a penny to give to the impudent person and to seek justice through the courts.