Philip Kirkorov and Timati ignored each other for the prize of GQ magazine

Филипп Киркоров и Тимати проигнорировали друг друга на премии журнала GQ

Philip Kirkorov and Timati again stirred rumors about their endless grievances. During the awards ceremony GQ magazine, winners of which were performers, and they pointedly did not say Hello to each other.

Recall that after a lengthy public explanation of the relationship between artists, it seemed, there was a truce. But it just seemed. So far, neither Philip, nor Timothy did not forget old grievances, which showed the audience at the ceremony of awarding the prize of GQ magazine.
First it came Kirkorov, awarded as “the Most stylish singer”, and soon with his paramour Anastasia Reshetova, approached and Timothy, who became “the most stylish producer.” Reporters observed the behavior of “most stylish” and noticed that they not only shook hands, but even pretended not to notice each other.
Received same award in Philip and Timothy one after the other. But even standing next to backstage pretended to look in different directions, and a rapper, barely getting a reward, hastened to hide in the other end of the hall.