Дакота Джонсон рассказала о своей ненависти к Джейми Дорнану

Sometimes on the set of a project prevails an evil atmosphere. For example, Tom cruise had a hard time filming the reboot of “the Mummy” because of Russell Crowe, who took revenge on the actor for his divorce with Nicole Kidman.

Many secular observers somehow decided that filming the sequel of “Fifty shades of grey” still not as smooth as it might seem at first glance. Like, between the main characters is very intense relationships that are very difficult to hide, once in the frame.

Interestingly, the media also circulated another rumor: Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan tied a passionate affair and try to hide it from prying eyes. Precisely because they avoid contact with each other on the set to not give an extra reason to gossip about them.

To dot the I tried Dakota. Turned out she is clumsy and still left a lot of questions: “Yes, we don’t hate each other and we have a passionate affair. The answer you give?” Johnson said, later adding that they have with Dornan warm professional relationship, but nothing more. Because they are so many days spent together on the set, where more than half of the time starred in a sex scene naked.