52-летний Александр Гордон стал отцом в четвертый раз
In the network appeared the first photos of the newborn son of the presenter.

Alexander Gordon, with his wife and newborn son

Photo: @normantovich_doctor Instagram

The young wife of Alexander Gordon — Noza Abdulvasieva gave her husband another son. A happy event in the family of TV presenter happened the day before, but fans of this became known only a day later. That Alexander in the fourth time became the father announced obstetrician-gynecologist from the perinatal center, where he was born is another Gordon. She has published in his microblog first photo of happy parents with newborns, telling that she and the LCM of a unique couple.

“Amazing couple: he is a young, sensitive, worrying, timid, sitting silently in queues, always “no complaints”, the former on all of our ultrasound and receptions over the past 3 years, not asking any questions, saying, “But… you can, my love” and “I know, it’s okay, I’m going to smoke, girls….”. And she is a young, Mature, smart, wise woman, 20 years old, the mother already (since last night!) 2 small children, with a surprisingly strong position — “I’m happy…just happy!”… Happy birthday! Our little Gordon! (the second, and hopefully not the last!) Hurrah!” — she wrote.

Meanwhile, the newborn was the second joint child of Alexander and Nosy. In 2014, the young wife gave Gordon another son, who was named Alexander. Not long ago, the TV host admitted that he often spoils his two year old child. “I am now at that age and such a difference I have a child that I can nurture and pamper.Let his mom is a “beast”, and I…” — said Gordon.

Recall that the TV presenter also has children from previous marriages: daughters — 28-year-old Anna and four year old Alexander.