Взгляды Николь Кидман шокировали ее коллег

Recently Madonna made a bold statement. Queen of the pop scene, which uses your Instagram account as a platform to Express their opinions and appeals to act as it feels right, has called his colleagues cowards. This attack on “their” Madge did due to the fact that many celebrities are not fighting against the newly elected President of Donald trump and let him on 20 January still to go through the inauguration ceremony and officially take office. According to Madonna, the star, which do not use their position in order to bring about change, prefer its popularity common sense.

I wonder what Madonna would say Nicole Kidman, when she finds out the position of the actress in relation to Donald trump?

As it turned out, not all celebrities are opposed to the businessman-Republican. In his recent interview to BBC, Kidman urged citizens (American, not Australian) for humility before the inevitable: “I just want to say that it is already selected, and as citizens, we must support whoever became President, because in this and built our state. It doesn’t matter what happened and how, most importantly, he is at this place, and we have to go forward.”

In a sense, Nicole’s right. What do you think?

Earlier Melania trump at the White house equipped with a special room.