Папа погибшего в ДТП с мажорами байкера встретился с семьей обвиняемого Arkady Smokes looked into the eyes of Dmitry Smelov. Road accident on Kutuzovsky Avenue there was at the end of June. Behind the wheel was a girl Julia. According to her, 20-year-old young man yanked the wheel, and this was the cause of the accident.
Папа погибшего в ДТП с мажорами байкера встретился с семьей обвиняемого

On June 26 of this year on Kutuzovsky Avenue there was an accident – killed a biker who was hit by a car. Driving prestigious cars sat a girl Julia Dubovtseva, however, the vehicle belonged to 20-year student of MGIMO Arcadia Smelova. As has established a consequence, the young man was drunk and yanked the wheel to a moving car. According to one version, it is this action led to the accident. The girl fled the scene of the crime – guilt took over guy.

The victim, 23-year-old Arkady Smokes was the leader of the motorcycle club at the University MADI. Now under the investigation of a traffic accident. In custody it Smelov, and the girl responsible is not yet involved.

The Studio program “Let them talk” appeared the father of the accused Arkady Dmitry Smelov. He said that he gave the car to my son two years ago. It was a promotion for the arrival of a young man in the University.

Man it was frustrating to see the footage in which his son was in an alcohol intoxication. Dmitry said that the young man told the investigators that he was driving to protect them from the punishment his girlfriend.

Папа погибшего в ДТП с мажорами байкера встретился с семьей обвиняемого

Guests in the Studio suggested that Yuliya’s parents are very rich, but because it avoids punishment. Experts have condemned Dmitry because he gave his son an expensive car. The man admitted that he was not intimately acquainted with the darling son.

“The conversation we had was mediocre. The son said to me, “I’ll introduce parents and I’m ready to make an offer,” – said Smelov.

Father Arkady came face to face with the father of a young man who is accused of a car accident. The man shared his assumptions of progress in the investigation.

“I was summoned to the investigator, and I realized that this girl want to withdraw, it was not charged. She was put under house arrest. In 10 days it will be released, and it will not be punished. And Arkady was sitting, he was charged with,” said Dymov.
Папа погибшего в ДТП с мажорами байкера встретился с семьей обвиняемого

Friend of the family Julia Dubovtseva Oksana Savina told about the incident. According to her, the girl’s father called her and reported the incident.

Папа погибшего в ДТП с мажорами байкера встретился с семьей обвиняемого“She stopped the car, jumped in, convinced that the motorcyclist is lying. Julia ran up and asked what to do. All confused. Her phone called the Ambulance. Of the car smelled strongly of alcohol, maybe, she, too, smelled. Julia couldn’t tell what happened, do not go on contact. The night was the first publication that the passenger died. When she left, I was sure that everything is in order,” said the woman.

Oksana said that in that moment, when Julia got out of the car to the rider, Arkady got behind the wheel and drove away. In the Studio there was a witness, Alexei Blinov. He confirmed that everything was just so. However, after a while Yulia sat in the other car. Savina said that the driver of this car came about by chance and just offered her a ride.

Grandmother of Arkady Tatiana Satrina says that her grandson does not apply to so-called “Golden youth”. She brought condolences to the father of the deceased boy. An elderly woman said that a young person so in love with Julia and every time he asked me to convey her recognition of his feelings.