«Обратный отсчет»: Юрий Колокольников и Полина Максимова в новом детективе In the Northern capital ended the filming of the picture. Starring Yuri Kolokolnikov, and Polina Maksimova. Heroes are not only work together, but not extinct feelings.

In new season TV channel NTV is preparing to introduce a series “countdown”. Recently finished shooting mnogoseriyki. Which took place in St. Petersburg. The main role in the detective story got Yuri Kolokol’nikov and Polina Maksimova. They will appear before the audience as a major Korsakov and Lieutenant Gordeeva.

The plot unfolds in the investigative unit of the police. The task of the representatives of law enforcement bodies – not just to catch the criminal, but also to keep the victim from retaliation, not to allow the man to cross the line of the law. Korsakov, who heads this Department, helpful as subordinates, and the violators of the law – it is strict and does not lose composure in emergency situations. His inherent wit and gallantry.

“From the beginning we have defined my character as “self-confident COP”, because the police itself is the epitome of confidence. And it is difficult to argue. Plus the cynicism and irony. Without it anywhere. Turns out superhero! But our special! He is very sensitive man, but, like all true superheroes, carefully hides it, and his cynicism and confidence, rather a means of self-defense. We’ll get him out “skeletons” from the closet, and some, particularly important, the audience learns only in the 16-series”, – said Yuri Kolokolnikov.

However, the protagonist has a weakness, not faded feelings for his colleague Inge Gordeeva. In the past they also had a complicated relationship, but now they need to find a common language to accomplish their professional duty.

Each new story is a case of when seconds count: Korsakov Gordeeva and saving people on the verge of life and death. They come into the fight with time, with no chance for procrastination.