16-year-old Erica starred in a unique photo project.

Personally for me believing in more is a process of developing yourself into a better person and pushing the boundaries even when you feel that it is your limit and you can’t go any further. You can. Believe in your power and push yourself to do the things you have always been afraid to try. This project is really personal for me because I have struggled with my body image my whole life. All I see on billboards, TV shows etc. are extremely skinny girls. So many women and girls are trying to fit into a certain beauty standard which doesn’t really exist if you think about it. I think we have all forgotten how to love ourselves and instead of being constantly unhappy and insecure with our bodies, we should learn how to thank them for letting you do so many wonderful things. This project helped me to understand that putting effort in your body and doing sports is not about losing weight and feeling press to lose another inch from your waist. The reality is that we need to change our perception of doing sports. I am not running to lose weight. I am not going to the gym to lose weight. I am working on my body to feel good mentally and physically. As soon As you start working on your body, your mind will follow. I want to thank Nike and all the people who gave me a chance to Believe In More and helped me to push myself to do all those things I have been terrified to try. #etappidel #beliveinmore @nikewomen

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16-year-old wife of Ivan Urganta
Natalia Kiknadze Eric, who lives abroad and is learning fine
art shared with subscribers of his microblog interesting
observations. The girl confessed that some time ago she had
serious problems with perception of their own body, after what she did
the conclusions seemed correct subscribers. Eric published a frame from
advertising campaign “Believe more” and explained why this campaign for her

“This project
really personal for me because I throughout his life
tried to accept my body the way it is, — she wrote. — All
I see on billboards and in TV shows is incredibly skinny girls. So much
women and girls are trying to fit into certain standards of beauty, which,
in fact, does not exist if you do them yourself you can imagine. I think we all
forgot how to love ourselves, we are in a constant state
dissatisfaction with his body,” she wrote.

Kiknadze, whom Ivan brings up as his own daughter, believes that the girls
is easier to treat their figures, and “live” in the gym with a purpose
to turn into a cane — the path is incorrect. Eric is sure that the sport should be in
a pleasure, not a burden.

“Well said!”, “Very cool!”, “I you
proud”, “Erica, you allow to believe in yourself and forget about any vile
thoughts. Sometimes they really interfere with enjoying the opportunities provided by our unique
telephone And only then is it worth to switch on belief in your strength, physical and
mental. Thank you for the wonderful intention to make us all better,”
such comments filled with page Erica.