Юрий Стоянов не приехал на вечер памяти Ильи Олейникова The actor was celebrating its own anniversary. 10 July Ilya Oleynikov would have turned 70 years old. On this day relatives and friends of the actor gathered to remember him. Yuri Stoyanov has sent a video message to all guests and offered to perpetuate the memory of his friend.
Юрий Стоянов не приехал на вечер памяти Ильи Олейникова

The death of Ilya Oleinikov five years ago came as a surprise to many. According to the established version of Ilya Lvovich wasn’t feeling well after a bad hire of a musical “the Prophet”, which became his last work as a composer. Friends and colleagues of the actor say that he was very upset by this failure, against which worsened health problems as a result, he was diagnosed with cancer.

However, many close people say that I always feel the presence of self-expression in their lives. Therefore, to call his son, Denis Klyaver, make a night of memory “Life as pestnya” in the day of his 70th anniversary on the stage of the Comedy Theatre. Akimova responded to many famous residents.

“In our house, they were sad, and it was customary to invite the guests to sit at a large table and have fun. Usually all came to 18 hours, and went well into the night. And even though daddy is not with us, I feel his presence and assistance,” said the Klyaver.
Юрий Стоянов не приехал на вечер памяти Ильи Олейникова

To support the family Kleverov came Irina Mazurkevich, Anita Tsoy, Igor Kornelyuk, Semyon Altov, Leonid Leikin, lead singer of IOWA and many others. Contrary to many expectations, on the anniversary appeared Yuri Stoyanov – the permanent co-host Oleynikova in the program “Town”. But the jury, as he said himself Klyaver, good reason – an anniversary, 60 years (Stoyanova and Oleynikova birthdays in one day), so he sent a video message, which stirred up the Petersburg public.

Юрий Стоянов не приехал на вечер памяти Ильи Олейникова“Elijah has been gone for almost five years, but my personal conversation with him never stopped. I believe he remained in the hearts of millions of Russians and made their lives brighter, so I appeal to the authorities of the city and asking them to allow the installation of a memorial plaque at the address: Naberezhnaya reki Fontanki, 26”, – said Stoyanov.
Юрий Стоянов не приехал на вечер памяти Ильи Олейникова

The actor also stressed that no public funding is not required, and all costs will take friends and colleagues of the actor. And at the exit of the theater was organized collection of signatures in support of this initiative.

Guest of the evening was also the grandson Oleynikova, Timofei Klyaver. Many do not immediately recognize tall and athletic guy in kimono charming little boy who was shown in video footage, along with grandpa. Timothy is very similar to Ilya Olejnikova in character and appearance. Now he’s making progress in Taekwondo – she stage, he demonstrated some moves and at the request of the Pope made a “turntable”.