Courteney Cox is trying to regain his face

Кортни Кокс пытается вернуть себе своё лицо

Hollywood actress Courteney Cox, star of the popular TV series “Friends”, I love the fillers that filled the skin of her face and made her more resilient and convex. The screen star admitted that getting rid of the work of a beautician, feels prettier and more natural.

Courtney refers to those celebrities who openly say that improving your appearance through cosmetic procedures. In a recent interview, Cox admitted that one day in the morning, looking at my reflection in the mirror, she realized that she doesn’t like herself, despite completed hundreds of cosmetic procedures.
53-year-old actress has perfected your appearance for many years to stop the aging process, but now she understands that natural aging is much better and more natural than the old woman molodyascheysya.
“I got rid of the fillers and happy I look more natural than before. I become like his former self, and I like that,” said Courtney in an interview with New Beauty and added that after cosmetic procedures she felt “artificial”.
“Everything changes in this life, nothing lasts forever, and woman’s beauty and all fleeting. I attempted to stop the aging process, but received artificial itself. I did the injections again and again. it seemed to me that this is not enough. At one point I realized that this is wrong. Now I’m going to return to his former self,” said Courtney.
Recall that the Cox daughter Coco, born in marriage with ex-husband David Arquette, as well as meets a rock musician johnny Macadam, from which so wants children