Father of Jeanne Friske again offended by Dmitry Shepelev

Отец Жанны Фриске снова обиделся на Дмитрия Шепелева

Father of the late singer Jeanne Friske furious. and the reason for his anger is again civilian spouse of his deceased daughter and father of her son Platon Dmitry Shepelev. As has been said by an enraged Vladimir Borisovich, broadcaster again deceived them: knowing that on June 17 it comes a new Dating grandparents with Plato, Dmitry allegedly specifically took the child to Greece on vacation.

Parent Jeanne filed for her former lover’s complaint the Prosecutor’s office for failure to execute judicial decisions. He States that Shepelev had promised him a meeting with the grandson this month, but, as always, lied.
“On Thursday from Dima received information that the boy was ill, and on Friday he with Plato sat at the airport and was heading to Greece, and he spent the whole day calling the bailiffs and asked: “where are You”. He would not confess, but had to warn the guardianship, or bailiffs, since the grandson is a citizen of the Russian Federation”, — said Vladimir.
According to Kopylov, Shepelev brazenly violate the laws, and the bailiffs are ready to write him a ticket. Now, however, Dmitry they have not one, but two meetings with the grandson.
“We will fight to the last for the grandson,” he promised Kopylov.