Cornelia Mango has chosen wedding dress

Корнелия Манго выбрала свадебное платье
The singer visited the salon for brides

Корнелия Манго выбрала свадебное платье

Cornelia Mango, Natalia Gulkin

Photo: @korneliamango (Instagram Kornelia Mango)

Cornelia Mango

Photo: @korneliamango (Instagram Kornelia Mango)

Cornelia Mango is getting married in June of this year, and preparations for the celebration are in full swing. Today, the graduate “factories of stars” has finally decided on the choice of wedding dress. “We with my friends walked around a few shops. I remeasure available — shared with singer. — It was difficult. The selection of dresses is huge. Like tried one, liked it, and soon caught the following, and also like it very much! The result is decided, but the wedding dress, which will go to the Registrar decided not to publish anywhere. Keep the intrigue”.

In the difficult task of choosing the dress the bride helped the singer Natalia gulkin. The stars have been friends for years, and Cornelia did not think a second who to appoint to a responsible post of chief bridesmaid.

We will remind, with her fiance Bogdan Cornelia Dating for about two years. Cornelia met him in the project of the channel “Russia-1” “I can.” In the framework of the project the musician Bogdan Cornelia taught beat-Boxing. Interestingly, shortly before meeting with the beloved Cornelia gave myself a vow: no Dating men just. She prayed to find a partner from a good family. When Cornelia realized that between her and Bogdan flashed a spark, the singer said to the young man: “I promised God not to fall in love, until he will not let me husband. And he certainly will not be in dreads and eight years younger”. In response, Bogdan assured that it is God sent, because his name is Bohdan, which means “God given”.

“And then I understood, — says the happy bride. I’m happy and busy the most enjoyable pre-wedding hassle”.

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