Actress Elena Panova gave birth to a daughter

Актриса Елена Панова родила дочь The artist accepts congratulations with the birth of an heiress. The baby was born in one of capital clinics. The newborn girl the parents decided to call Lydia.

      Актриса Елена Панова родила дочь

      Now fans of the popular actress Elena Panova congratulate her on the birth of his daughter. Happy event in the life of the actress happened two weeks ago. March 15, she has become a mother for the second time. The girl was born in one of capital clinics weighing just over three kilograms and a height of 51 centimeters. He did not hide the actress and the name of the girl child. She was named Lydia.

      “The youngest daughter my husband called Lydia, though still did not manage to register. Beautiful name: it was the name my great-grandmother, and among the roles I played, in my opinion, the three heroines name is Lidiane. But the daughter we named not in honor of someone, we just liked the name and it really suits her”, – said Panov.

      Now the actress is enjoying motherhood, especially because she has experience raising children. Four years ago, she gave birth to her first daughter, Marianne. The girl is happy that she has a younger sister. “Marianne really wanted a sister, a girlfriend, and now perfectly happy. It is very touching cares about Lydia, even for a second from her side, she always wants to play and chat with your sister, but the little girl still need more rest. And in the morning Marianne runs to the crib leads and looked forward to when she wakes up: “Hurry up already!” – says Elena.

      Interestingly, during pregnancy the actress went on to star in the TV series “Chesnochnitsy” together with Mary Porosino, which not too long ago became a mother. The entire production area took very good care of expectant moms, and tried in every way to protect them.

      I must say that, like many modern parents, Elena is not going to stay long on maternity leave. Very soon she will have to re-enter the set. “I might have another change in the series “first Time”. Then, closer to the summer, there is another picture, but this is now too early to say. And while I want as much time to spend with my family”, – shared his plans for Elena in an interview with “7 days”.

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