Анита Цой взяла в штат астропсихолога и нумеролога
The singer appeared reputable counselors.

Anita Tsoy

Photo: Elena Sukhova

In the fall of 2016 in “Crocus city Hall” will premiere a new
show Anita Tsoy with a mysterious name “10/20”, which will coincide with the
The 20th anniversary of her creative activity. Singer long kept secret, why
choose such an interesting name for his solo concert. It turned out Choi asked
of numerology and decided to use the magic of numbers, calling his show “10/20”.

“The fact that these two numbers are my code of life for the next
for several years, — says the singer. — No wonder I started with the zeroing of the shift
name. If all goes as I planned, and number is fulfilling its mission, Anita Tsoy will never be the same!” As it became known, now in the state
stars are personal astropsychologist and
numerologist. They had been given a task to calculate the number of songs in the show program,
the number of participants on stage, and even the number of disguises the artist, and
favourable dates to the world tour show.

Despite the fact that the premiere show, “10/20” announced in Moscow
on October 27, 2016, new advisers Choi strongly recommend
tour well in advance of the end of September.

By the way, Anita Tsoy for many years lived under observation
astropsychology and turns to him for any reason.

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