Корнелия Манго и Богдан Дюрдь сыграли свадьбу Singer and beatboxer became legal spouses. The couple receiving congratulations from many friends and relatives. On the wedding day Cornelia Mango appeared in the form of bright and unusual bride. As reported earlier the artist, the guests of the celebration will have to wait for a lot of surprises from the newlyweds.

      Корнелия Манго и Богдан Дюрдь сыграли свадьбу

      Cornelia Mango and Bogdan Dyurd become husband and wife. The solemn ceremony was held in Kutuzovsky registry office. The lovers told each other the cherished “Yes” and exchanged rings, which they acquired in the jewelry salon “Uvelir Moscow”. Cornelia decided to take the name of the spouse “Dyurd”. One of the most important guests on the mural became the singer’s father, who flew in from Portugal for the wedding of a daughter.

      In his microblog singer showed a photo of a beautiful wedding bouquet of the rare orange flowers with sharp leaves. The bride was very nervous in such an important day.

      Followers “Instagram” Cornelia already congratulate the newlyweds. “I wish you happiness, patience and understanding!”, “Harmony, love, healthy children”, “You make a lovely couple! I congratulate you!”, wrote nice comments fans of the stars.

      Корнелия Манго и Богдан Дюрдь сыграли свадьбу

      The singer went down the aisle in a gorgeous dress from the salon “Wedding rooms”, which was made under sketches of the designer Hopes Yusupova. The bride’s head was adorned with a veil, decorated with stones. The groom chose for the wedding suit noble blue hue.

      With the organization of celebrations, the singer and her chosen one helped the Agency “Svadberry” led by Anna Goradia whose services are used by many Russian stars. The celebration of the event will be held in the style of a beach party. As friends of the newlyweds the very creative people at the wedding will be a lot of competitions and surprises, dances and songs. Cornelia repeatedly emphasized how she is grateful to Anna because she helps her to arrange a celebration of dreams. “My ray of light, a man wise and good, professional” – so spoke the singer on young Goradia.

      After the wedding the couple plans to go to honeymoon, and then settled to live in an apartment in a luxury residential complex in Mitino. “We are very hard on yourself. But I used to think that it’s better to live in a rented apartment because you did not hold. But now that we will soon be a family, we decided to invest and buy their homes. I’m so glad that all calculations were done by my man because I don’t know how to save money,” said Cornelia “StarHit” the day before the wedding. Cornelia Mango and groom acquired luxury housing

      Корнелия Манго и Богдан Дюрдь сыграли свадьбу

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