Сати Казанова подала в суд на модный бренд одежды The singer illegally used for promotional purposes. Sati Kazanova filed a lawsuit to the brand home wear. To protect the interests of the artist is Sergei Zhorin.

      Сати Казанова подала в суд на модный бренд одежды

      The singer, who is the advertising face of several largest Russian and abroad companies, appeared in the center of the scandal. Not long ago, 33-year-old actress took part in a photo shoot for one fashion magazine, however, did not even know that familiar to her work will result in tremendous conflict. So, during shooting, Sati appeared in front of the lens in the new cruise collection of the brand Petit Pas. What was the surprise star when instead agreed beforehand the material of her photos used in advertising: brand loudly declared that Sati Casanova became the face of their collection and even posted the lookbook on their website.

      Sati, with serious legal obligations to its partners, is now under threat of large payments and penalties through the fault of the magazine and brand. Under the terms of the contract with other brands with whom Casanova has collaborated for many years, the singer should not become the face of competitors.

      “In recent years, increasingly, names, photos, and video artists use for commercial purposes, not having any contract right. We do not want to recommend himself and the name of Sati that we don’t like! What we do not choose, said “StarHit” representatives of the singer. – We respect our partners! And this deception will not get away”.

      As it became known “StarHit”, in court the interests of sati Casanova, will protect star lawyer Sergei Zhorin. It is known that all notary certification and documents have been prepared to continue the case and determine who is to blame.

      “The experience of Sergei, his confidence and professionalism now support me”, – admitted the actress.

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