Русский ремейк «Доктора Хауса»: актерский состав, места съемок и главные секреты проекта “StarHit” learned exclusive details about the creation of the acclaimed series. The news of the shooting of the first official adaptation of the cult American TV series produced a stir among fans jokes of the doctor-diagnostician performed by Brit Hugh Laurie.

      Русский ремейк «Доктора Хауса»: актерский состав, места съемок и главные секреты проекта

      Whether a Russian version of “house” as fortunate as us – a question the answer to which is yet in doubt almost every second fan of the popular medical drama. Work on the “copy” began in April, but the month news world-scale has not grown details. Fans even began to doubt, not just another “duck” of newsdealers.

      From the announcement released by the creators of the project, what is clear is that the Director of the series was Andrei Proshkin, known for the Comedy “Orleans”, and the main role performed by Alexey Serebryakov. How did you learn the “StarHit”, all in strict secrecy – the authors of the Russian version in all ways protect even the smallest details of the project.

      The story of the Russian “house” will most resemble the American counterpart. For example, in the fifth series of the first season of one of the patients, as in foreign “brother”, will become a nun Augustine. The role played Hollywood movie star Elizabeth Mitchell, in the domestic version got favorite Director Anna Melikyan actress Maria Shalaevoj. The script girl comes to the doctor complaining of a strange rash on her hands. However, the tablet received from the doctor, causes an allergic reaction – the sister starts to choke. Due to an error in diagnosis Hausa was excluded from work. By the way, patients, viewers will be able to find many well-known artists. So, one of the roles was 41-year-old actor Ivan Ryzhikov. However, the Russian star series were not completely satisfied with his minor role.

      – For me, this work is not very interesting, because it is small. I am involved only in a small episode. It’s only one scene when my hero appears at the foster house – sigh artist.

      Русский ремейк «Доктора Хауса»: актерский состав, места съемок и главные секреты проекта

      The actress of “Teacher” Catherine Miller is a longtime fan of the epic about an extraordinary physician, so offer to play a key role in the series was a real gift.

      “My character is kind of a rich woman luxury, which is concerned about the health of his daughter, suffering from gluttony. Together they come to the appointment with Dr. house in the hope of the help of a professional, – shared the actress. Samples were not, I just called and asked. Incredibly great to work with such a team – a wonderful cast and crew”
      Русский ремейк «Доктора Хауса»: актерский состав, места съемок и главные секреты проекта

      Dreams of those who wanted to get at least the crowd will be Nesbitt-governmental. If the first set of actors for crowd scenes occurred on specialized sites, in this case, to provide absolute confidentiality, the casting Director recruits “through their”. Each applicant is personally checking out: first photos, then during the interview. One of the little heroes – 10-year-old Nestor Abramova is found in school of acting “Kinorynok”, where students often appear in the works of famous Directors. The boy was chosen out of two hundred children.

      “I first had the opportunity to work on such a large project. Besides, to collaborate with professionals like Aleksey Serebryakov and Vitaly Haev, it was a pleasure, – has shared with “StarHit” the young star. – On the one hand, they are very kind and cheerful people, always been there for me, a lot of jokes in between. On the other – communicated with me on equal terms, even called a colleague. I got the role of a little asthmatic, and falling on the reception to the house and his assistant. Specially prepared for a few days. It is a pity that the shooting of the episode lasted only 3-4 hours”.

      Coded and set. Pavilion, the interior of which exactly-in-exactly recreated the hospital corridors and wards of the American teaching hospital Princeton-Plainsboro,” was built not on the chosen territory of “Mosfilm” or the Gorky film Studio, and in the area of the former factory near the metro station “Lenin Square” – all in order to protect the cinema from prying eyes. Daily about a hundred people worked on the creation of large-scale infrastructure that allows the actors not to leave the area.

      – The first thing that struck me was the realism of the scenery. If it were a real hospital, outside the window, swaying in the wind, rustling of natural foliage on the trees. Actually it’s just the assistants included fans, ” says Nestor. – My mom and I were greeted very warmly. Acquainted with the administrators, showed Studio, dining room and dressing room, where we spent time before calling the shot.

      The first season of the domestic version starts on channel “Russia-1” at the end of this year. The next batch of episodes, the creators promise to shoot only if the doctor-diagnostician by Alexei Serebryakov loved by the Russian audience.

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