Cord admitted that Leningrad was saved by his wife Matilda

Шнуров признался, что «Ленинград» спасла его жена Матильда

Sergey and Matilda Shnurova told why the house naked, and who their head chef.

This year the couple also they are 10 years together. In honor of this event, Sergey and Matilda were the guests of the show “Evening Urgant” and for the first time spoke about how their way of life.

Sergey admitted that before in his life, Matilda the group “Leningrad” was, to put it mildly, so-so.

“I was drinking, and that no one was listening, came Matilda, and now “Leningrad” became what he became,” said the musician.

On the question of Ivan Urgant about who in the family home and shared household duties, Cords gave an even more surprising response:

“Who’s in charge? This is evident in the demeanor, the way we behave in society. I henpecked all the time, indulge, listen. While preparing the cat. We eat so we have some figures. Yes, I go naked at home. Imagine a cat’s! That’s such a ridiculous family. A naked man and a naked cat, sometimes naked wife.”

As it turned out, Sergei wife trusts in everything, even new singers in the band they had chosen together. And stories to the clips Shnurova helps to think of it, for example, the famous “Exhibit” was born due to the fact that Matilda was watching the attendees in a sports club, then shared her experiences with her husband, and the video broke the Internet!

Rights Sergey, it is necessary to listen to the wife!

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